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~  Farm Drainage  ~  Erosion Control  ~  Ditches  ~  Laser levelling equipment  ~  Grass waterways  ~   

~  Crop improvement  ~ GPS mapping  ~  Fence bottoms  ~  Ponds  ~  Landscaping  ~ 

~  Top Soil, Sand, Gravel, Fill, Shale  ~  Manure Pits  ~  Hydro and Water Trenches  ~  Basement Excavating  ~ ~ Driveways and parking lots  ~  Septic systems (new or replacements)  ~ 

Farm Drainage​

Farm drainage is a form of agricultural drainage system that removes excess sub-surface water from fields to allow sufficient air space within the soil, proper cultivation, and access by heavy machinery to tend and harvest crops.

GPS Survey 

A quick and accurate way of mapping landscapes. The standard practice for any surveying operation.

Fence Rows

The biggest reason to keep fencerows in place is erosion control. 

Topsoil erosion is a common problem for farmers of field crops.

Land Clearing

Land clearing requires the removal of native cover – including trees, bushes and boulders – from the land surface.

Excavating & Demolition

Prepare your property 

safe and reliable demolition and excavation.

Safe removal of unwanted debris & materials.

Why use Cronk Farm Drainage?

Drainage problems are caused by an excess of water at the soil surface or in the root zone. Drainage work is carried out to improve the root-zone environment for crop growth, to improve conditions for cultivation, planting and harvesting, to allow earlier spring planting for better use of the short Canadian growing season, and to convey salts out of the soil in areas where salinity is a problem. The problem of excess water and inadequate drainage is obvious wherever pondings remain after rainfall or snowmelt. A less obvious problem exists when the root zone is saturated but no water is present on the surface. Most crops prefer moist, unsaturated soil, with more than 5% of the root zone volume filled with air. Air space allows roots to respire, grow and obtain nutrients from the soil.

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Farm Drainage - Info & Loan Program

For additional information on agricultural drainage

Ministry of agriculture, food and rural affairs. Tile Loan Program - yes farmers can get loans to do this. 

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